Singing Teacher
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Workshops are a great way of exploring particular aspects of singing – whether it is a particular singing style, a particular technique, or a scene from a musical or opera.

My workshops usually incorporate a warm-up and technique session, followed by group exercises which focus on aspects of the subject of the workshop.  The workshop would then progress on to a group singing activity to explore the areas of technique musicianship and interpretation explored in the exercises.

Because of my extensive performing experience, and my experience as an educator, I am able to help learners with practical singing technique, acting and performance skills,  musical and diction issues, and how to enjoy the experience of performing. I have worked with many of the leading directors, Conductors and coaches of recent years, and enjoy passing on all the experience I have accumulated.

Contact me to see if you want me to put on a workshop for you, or if you want to express interest in any future workshops by me.