Singing Teacher
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Lorraine Marshall (soprano)

"Having met and heard Mark whilst attending an Estill course in London, I was drawn not only to his wonderful voice but to his warm and humble manner. Mark was so encouraging to myself and to the others on the course.

After my first individual lesson with Mark, I noticed a real 'shift' in my own voice, having struggled with a number of vocal problems for some considerable time, he picked up on these and very quickly offered exercises and solutions that really helped. I left the lesson feeling very excited and relieved to have found someone who finally could offer some practical solutions! In fact the very next day I received a comment from a fellow singer who said "what's happened with your voice? It sounds so much fuller, maturer and richer in tone!

Mark has a vast knowledge of the voice, a wealth of experience of different styles, techniques and languages, I find his ability to demonstrate really helps my understanding of the teaching."

Martin Danzl (Bass-Baritone)

"In Mark I have found the ideal teacher for my needs as an amateur singer. His approach to teaching by mixing theory with his practical experience of a professional singer has made a big difference to me. A session with Mark never follows a monotonous system without any flexibility towards the pupils needs, to the contrary, sessions are very flexible and exercises can vary from session to session depending on the actual challenges that are being encountered at that particular moment. No constant singing of scales but a large variety of exercises which in my view cater for everything you need as a singer.

Furthermore Mark has a great ability to explain singing and make you understand what is actually happening when you sing and what can restrict your voice and the sound you are producing. This has helped me a great deal since I am able to visualise what is happening and what I can do if things don’t go the way I want them to.

And maybe most importantly, a session with Mark is fun and in my view that’s what it is all about, because singing should be a joyous affair."

Susanna Cox (Soprano - Dance teacher)

"I have been taking private singing lessons with Mark, and I find that his coaching has really helped me understand the technique of singing, and inspired me to feel confident to enjoy singing, and with the satisfacton of knowing that I can achieve my goals and enjoy the experience of singing"

Andy Stott MA, Head of Teacher Training, Access to Music

"Mark has been a student teacher on Access to Music’s Music Educator Programme since September 2007. During that time he has competed units on Learning Styles, Assessment Methods, Classroom Management and Observation, Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans, Resources, and Delivery. All of his work is of an exceptional standard and his contributions to the sessions are both constructive and insightful. He has a keen musical brain, with the ability to adapt to a wide range of musical styles. The practical teaching work that Mark has undertaken is equally impressive. As an educator, he has natural ability both in group situations and one to one tuition. He places students at their ease and manages their learning with confidence and authority. His sense of humour and general demeanour in the classroom make him accessible and likeable to the learner. Mark has great natural ability supported by an excellent knowledge and understanding of his subject and teaching and learning. This, together with his extensive industry experience will make him asset to any educational establishment."